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Fresh Beer Available Now

Cinnamon Swirl Ale

5.5 ABV | 20 IBU

Spiced Brown Ale

A collaboration with Franz Bread, Cinnamon Swirl Ale is what happens when you use 100 loaves of cinnamon bread and make a beer to taste just like it. The malts used were chosen to mimic the bread flavors Golden Nugget Oats, Munich, Pale Chocolate, while 472 Hops provide a richness that compliments the cinnamon from the bread. The beer has a noticeable body without being excessively sweet or too intense. A true expression of a pastry beer without a heavy body. 

Tasting Notes:

Deep amber color reminiscent of the cinnamon bread

Bready Malt character

Pleasant cinnamon accompaniment to the base body

Smooth finish

Kegged on: 03/20

Ready on: 04/01

10 keg(s) available

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Bramble Peramble

7.3 ABV | 60 IBU


An Irish base malt reminiscent of flavorful UK (Irish Malting and Two Row) barley varieties lays a foundation for a lively interaction of herbal, spicy and berry-like hop flavors from lesser used hops: Crystal, Ariana, Pacific Gem and Comet.  A generous dose of hops to the fermenter increases the aroma while leaving a clean finish. If you need a break from citrus and tropical IPAs, this beer may give a welcome respite. 

Tasting Notes:

Dry, clean finish with complex malt flavor

Highly carbonated

Herbal/berry hop notes with blackberry hop aromas in the forefront

Kegged on: 03/19

Ready on: 04/01

10 keg(s) available

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She Shed Smoked Porter

5.2 ABV | 35 IBU

Smoked Porter

Our Brewmaster Nicole Mandala came up with this unique recipe for a smoked porter that melds contrasting flavors into a delicious cohesive symphony of flavors. Bitterness and roast flavor from Kiln Coffee, Chocolate and 2 Row are balanced by mild and well rounded Cascade and bright Amarillo all kicked up with cherrywood smoked malt. 

Tasting Notes:

Dark color yet easy drinking

Mild smoke flavor

Velvety Smooth mouth feel

Light roast flavor

Kegged on: 03/18

Ready on: 04/01

10 keg(s) available

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Bottomless Brunch Mimosa IPA

7.0% ABV | 60 IBU

Brut IPA

Craft Beer meets brunch.

Bottomless Brunch Mimosa is a Brut IPA brewed with Oranges. It is dry with prominent citrus notes and refreshing just like the famous Mimosa. Brewed with Cascade, Chinook, Bravo, Amarillo and Apollo hops which all have citrus nuances to them. Non-filtered resulting in a light hazy appearance. 

Tasting Notes: Moderate to moderately high bitterness. A prominent flavor of orange with the addition of orange peel and citrus nuanced hops.

8 keg(s) available

Upcoming Beers

Champear Cider

6.8 ABV

Brut Pear Cider

The latest in Square Mile Small Batch Innovation. A Pear and Apple Cider finished with Brut Yeast. Dryer and fizzier then other Square Mile Ciders, and a little higher in ABV. Pop some bottles it's time to celebrate. 


5.0 ABV | 20 IBU

Cream Ale

This cream ale is old school and absolutely delicious. No fruit or barrel aged nada. Cream Ale. For Summer. Smooth. Refreshing. You're welcome.