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Rooftop Red - Czech Red Lager 

Inspired by the red hue of the clay rooftops in Prague, this Czech style red lager has a gorgeous red glow.  This lager is impeccably balanced and straddles the line between malty complexity and noble hop character.  The nose is a combination of toasty red malt intermingling with slightly spicy and floral notes.  Saaz and HBC1134 experimental hops are used to punctuate both the nose and the pallet.  This beer has depth and structure, while maintaining just enough snappiness from the bitterness and carbonation to make it extremely refreshing.  Delicious and head turning, once you enjoy a pint you may want another (at least we do).  Get it while you can because it is available in extremely limited quantities.

ABV: 5.0%

BUs: 32