Hefe Variety Pack

When Hefe was first brewed, the Widmer Brothers knew they had something very special on their hands. From the floral notes of citrus to the naturally cloudy body and refreshing finish, Hefe was unlike anything they’d ever tasted before. 

Now you can enjoy Hefe in all its forms - our flagship, the imperial version, NEW Widberry Blackberry Wheat and EXCLUSIVE to the pack Apricot Hefe! 



Ingredients & Profile

Hefeweizen 4.9% ABV

The tried and true gold standard of American Style Hefeweizen

Imperial Hefe 8.0% ABV

The bigger bolder wheat beer for those of royal taste

Widberry Hefe 4.9% ABV

The best darn blackberries in the ever-loving world

Apricot Hefe 4.9% ABV

Bright and fruity apricots and citrus keep the groovy brew extra smooth