Brothers Best Variety 18pk

From the first kegs that got piled into the brother’s 1970 Datsun pick-up truck, to the brewery we all know today, none of it would’ve been possible without Kurt and Rob’s dedication to brewing and perfecting iconic craft beer recipes. Those recipes would ultimately become known as Hefe, Deadlift, and Drop top. 

All three of the Brothers’ Best beers are worth celebrating. Hefe made waves in the industry as the first American Hefeweizen. Deadlift became the imperial ale brewed with so many hops that brewers had to deadlift bags of hops into the kettle. Drop Top was brewed to embody the spirit of craft beer: known to inspire life’s great moments shared with friends and family. 

We continue to bring that dedication to our craft to this day, always striving to make the next batch better than the last. Cheers!



Ingredients & Profile

Hefeweizen 4.9% ABV

The Original American Hefeweizen

Drop Top, Amber Ale 5.3% ABV

Caramel, smooth, a perfect sipping ale

Deadlift, Imperial IPA 8.6% ABV

Bold, Big and Balanced, without the weight