IPA Variety Pack

Once used to preserve ales for long voyages, hops are now treasured for their unique flavors and sought-after bitterness. We’ve spent our time perfecting our own distinguished IPA’s – making sure every hop contributes to a masterpiece of expression, aroma, and flavor.  Like every collection, you have a favorite, but, maybe it’s all four.



Ingredients & Profile

Cold Waters, Cold IPA 6.7% ABV

Drinks like an IPA, finishes like a lager

Deadlift, Imperial IPA 8.6% ABV

Bold, Big and Balanced, without the weight

Juicy Sunrise, Juicy IPA 6.8% ABV

Tropical, juicy, hazy and bright

Green Skies, Hazy IPA 6.6% ABV

Hazy, citrusy and goes down smooth